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Launch of crude oil transfer pumps equipped with variable speed

Launch of crude oil transfer pumps equipped with variable speed
Crude oil transfer pumps equipped with a VFD system to reduce energy consumption, reduce wear and tear of mechanical components and high-maintenance costs in the new unit was installed DEHLORAN.
According to PIN, electro pumps, transmission oil variable speed (VFD Pumps) in projects aimed at reducing energy consumption for desalination and exploitation of oil fields DEHLORAN, reducing mechanical wear of parts and maintenance cost of the new unit was set up this field.
Crude oil production in new unit through a pipeline to transport oil temporarily transferred to the unit operation DEHLORAN old main pipeline solely through the turbine oil transfer was possible in the old unit, while the use of turbine oil transportation Old cause higher depreciation charges resulting from the replacement of parts, repairs and maintenance, non-economic.
The ability to transfer 32 thousand barrels of crude oil each day pumps and how the pumps and the pumps are stored as 1 + 2 is ready for replacement, according to exploitation.
Mar 27, 2016 16:06


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